Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Revamped Space

There was time for some changes. Not only in me but in my space. Really it wasn't my space lately. It was a place to pile everything that didn't have a home or we didn't know what to do with it. It looked like an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive. 

So it took me 3.5 days but I did it. I purged and was mean and strict about it.  

The recyclers were busy with me. Terry even had a truck load to the garbage dump. Nothing was safe. Even the dayhome toys got organized and purged and reorganized so that they too can use their space that was taken over.

I had 7 years of Marcus' school work in a cabinet. That is slowly getting purged. I have done 2 years of it so far. It's hard to get rid of his stuff but I'm keeping a few of the best and taking photos of other things I like but don't want to keep. 

My space, it's a place for me to go and relax - it's my zen place. It calms me down even if it's just me sitting there. Sometimes Marcus joins me and we put on a movie, he does whatever in the other part of the room while I do my thing in my area. 

Wanna see it all nice and clean now???? 

Here ya go

There's a lot of room for a few extra long tables for friends to come and play with me. 

So until then I will just be here creating. Feel free to come on over! :)

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Always Heather said...

Looks Great Arlene! I'm jealous!