Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marcus writes a Fairy Tale

Marcus' grade 3 class has been learning about Fairy Tales and how to write them and what they are all about including how to waltz. He wrote this fairy tale at school - they had to take a bunch of fairy tales and and use certain aspects of them such as a gingerbread house, stepmother etc. and switch them into a story of their own. 

Have a look

Once upon a time there was a princess named Wendy who lived in a nice little town. Wendy had very curly hair, her skin was the shade of a whiteboard, and her shoes were diamond blue. Wendy had a very mean and ugly stepmother who wore a read cape. The stepmother lived in a gingerbread castle. The castle had gumdrops for the windows and chocolate for the doors. One day, Wendy wandered into a spook forest. Wendy got very scared and tried finding a way out but she was lost. While she was trying to get out of the spooky forest she saw a delicious looking gingerbread house. It was very similar to the gingerbread castle so Wendy went inside. She saw seven little gingerbread men eating their lunch with a cup of gumdrop juice.

Back at the castle the stepmother looked into her magic cookie mirror. She said, "Magic Mirror on the floor who is the fairest one of them all?"
"Well, Wendy of course" the magic mirror replied.

The stepmother was furious when she heard that so she cast a spell on Wendy that made her fall asleep for three weeks. The seven little gingerbread men made her a bed out of marshmallows and gumdrops. After three weeks, she woke up and was as hideous as an earthworm! To break the spell she needed a prince to come and kiss her.

One day a prince came to kiss Wendy. The stepmother saw the prince and tried to curse him but it did not work because it bounced off a tree and flew back to the stepmother. She turned into a chicken and was served for the prince and Wendy's royal wedding feast that night.


I love it and can't wait to scrapbook it into a Fairy Tale page (it might even look really girlie) ;)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More basement renovations - update

Here is Terry taping and mudding the walls of the basement and then sanding. We have actually gotten a little farther than this (we have primer on the walls now) but I only have these photos to share at the moment. It takes some time when you both work full-time, then be a full-time parent and spouse, helping out ailing parents as well as I decided to take a class so I'm now busy studying on top of trying to do everything else.

Anyways here's some of the basement

I think after this weekend the blue paint will be going on the walls and then we are doing the ceiling and if we can agree on the colour floor then that will be last. I can't wait to have the basement back as that means my scrap area will be back too! :)