Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life goes on

  1. Hail damage to our house, car, van and tent trailer - golf sized hail stones can do a lot of damage
  2. Water in the basement - not covered by insurance 
  3. Concrete company comes to repair basement - HUGE BILL
  4. Basement renos halted 
  5. A friend in need moves in with her belongings, cat and turtle
  6. Gas man comes to check bbq line as it appears loose - yup that and other pipes loose and leaking gas - nice gas man fixes all and makes us safe. :)
  7. Tent trailer taken to get the axle fixed - repair guy oh easy fix we have the part. No they don't and probably won't have it done until just before our mini-vacation (if we get to go at all)
  8. Terry's fingers get slammed into a door - fingers black and blue and will lose 2 nails
  9. Washing machine and deep freeze act up
That's a list of things that have happened in just the last month and a half. I'm sure there's a few more but that's the major things so far this summer. There is just over 3 weeks until Terry is back at work and a month until Marcus starts Grade 4. Where has the time gone - oh yeah see above list. 

I sit back and think WOW how much more can I take and I then realize we are still very lucky to have everything we have in our lives and have a very healthy family. There is a friend in my life that is truly amazing.  I don't know how she does it, she has a 4 children and one that is critically ill and she is handling more stress than anyone should ever endear in a life time but yet somehow she still goes on. Sarah you are an inspiration to me and I am blessed to know you. Caroline, Adam, Oliver and Cooper have a mom that is a true hero.  Please check out Sarah's story and keep them in your prayers and thoughts

I haven't been overly crafty in the past 2 months but tonight I did a card so I could try out my new Cuttlebug since I'm finding using my old Sizzix difficult and painful on my wrists and hands.

Here's the card

And this is my new scrapping buddy - I'm not a cat person but Arlo is changing that since he moved in and taken to sitting on top of my scrapbox overseeing what I do and purring the whole time. (I actually think he just wants to watch Nitro the Turtle walk in circles in his cage while I scrap.)

Until next time, be sure to hug those you love and keep them close.