Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Floor needed!

It's getting closer and closer to being finished and I'm getting really excited. The walls are up and painted, the ceiling is done except for the vent tiles, the lights are up. They are nice and bright above my space.

So do you wanna see MY SPACE. The place where I'm going to create my woman cave! I do have to share some of the room but my corner area is going be my lil piece of heaven.

Here's my wonderful husband working really hard to finish this (really just so I stop nagging him)

This area is where my big screen tv is going along with my bar fridge, microwave and popcorn stand (shhhh don't tell Terry he doesn't know yet)

This corner is going to be my creative space!

The right of this picture is going to be a big comfy sectional couch when I find one that meets both my and hubby's requirements. Apparently he doesn't like the price of the ones I have picked out in the past. 

So next we do the floor, the doors and the molding and then I get to shop for new furniture. IKEA here I come. 

Thanks for looking and sharing in my excitement of my new oasis. 

Stay tuned for more soon