Monday, January 25, 2010

Scrapbooking is it medicine for a headache?

Today after a long day at the office I came home with a massive headache, one that has been brewing for 3 days. I had a hot bath, Terry drugged me up with some Advil and I slept on and off for 2 hours. The headache subsided a little and then my sisterinlaw, Joelene suggested that maybe doing a scrap page would help. It was worth a try. And what better than to scrap the person that suggested it. Thanks Joelene it helped a little and I love the fact I got another LO done.

Here we are at Christmas 2009 having a great time together.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marcus' first digital scrapbook page

Tonight after dinner Marcus sat with me while I tried to do a digital page of him and his cousin Breana. It's one of my favourite pictures of them. Marcus adores Breana and loves to play the role of the BIG COUSIN.

Little did I know that my son is an expert on this program and decided to tell me how to do a page. Kids really do learn by watching don't they.

We both decided to do a page each with the same pictures.

Here's Marcus' first digital scrapbook page.

I think he did an awesome job since it was his first and I only had to help him find the elements to put on - he picked out the colours and placement - in fact he took the computer right out of my hands to do it. Not bad for an 8 year old

And here's mine

Thanks for looking

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last Sunday night we put Marcus to bed, about an hour later I hear Terry laughing and whispering to me to come up the stairs. What now I think to myself but I get up and go upstairs and see Terry peering into Marcus' room. When I looked in I started to giggle. Lately he has been sliding out of his bed and not waking up so he has been sleeping on the floor.  I can't wait to scrap these pics.

Take a look at what we found

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mommy does have a real friend.

Today there was no scrapping. Not that I didn't want to I just can't seem to move myself from the couch and watching Biggest Loser.

Tonight I was to meet with a great bunch of ladies that I met through either an online group or through my sister-in-law Joelene, we have a lot in common. Unfortunately several of them couldn't make it - some not feeling well and some wearing down. Feel better my friends I miss you.

Despite the change in plans I decided to meet up with Eryn from the group anyways, as I needed to give her a book and I decided to bring my son Marcus with me since Daddy had a change in plans too. Well Marcus was excited. He had not met Eryn yet though I've known her several years. Sometimes I don't think he thought that she was real. See I was hiding some of my friends. They are my friends and I didn't want to share them with anyone! Maybe I was being a little greedy and selfish about this but they are a group of women that accept you for who you are faults and all and I love them for that.

So we met up with Eryn, had a great dinner together and some laughs. Marcus was in fine form, his usual goofy self. I can't wait to have him meet up with Eryn's sons Dawson and Brayden. Afterward we got in the car and were on the way home, Marcus said he was excited to play with the boys but the funniest thing was "Mommy Eryn is real, she isn't just in your computer"


Thursday, January 7, 2010

I did it

I'm very proud of myself - I'm not overly computer literate when it comes to new things. Show me several times, leave me written instructions along with pictures (yes I need pictures at times) and let me practice and I can then do it.

Look what I did. I have been wanting to learn this for awhile and now that I have my awesome PSE 8 I can and I cannot wait to do photos of flowers and my son with his blue eyes. I love how it changes a photo. Now take in mind it's not the greatest photo to do but it was one that had a great colour it in so that's why I used it - that an it's my boys in their pj's and they hate it when I show these pictures to others! ;)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Way Behind but gaining speed

I've been paper crafting for about 11 years. I love it. Ok your right I don't just love it I'm addicted. The past several years I've been scrapbooking for others, doing albums as gifts for them etc. 2010 is the year that I scrapbook for me.  Marcus is now 8 years old and I've only completed the first year of his life. So now I'm working on 2003 for him and me. 2003 because that's the disks I found first.

Here's the start of Marcus 2003.