Thursday, January 19, 2012

Established when?

My name is Arlene and I'm an addict.

It's true I'm addicted to Pinterest. Though I have to admit it has helped my creativity and I have actually completed projects that I have found on there. This is one of them. I did it as a surprise for my BFF Diana and her hubby Chris. I wanted to do something for them as the last year has been a tough one.

It's their last name and the year they were married.

I am not sure what line the paper is from but it's neutral to go anywhere in their house. I am told it is on the ledge in their family room which means a place of honour! :)

I am so glad they love it because I loved doing it for them and so glad I found Pinterest to inspire me to be more creative than I have been.

Stay tuned for even more projects