Monday, December 1, 2014

Not just a scrapbooker anymore

As most everyone knows I'm addicted to scrapbooking. Always have and always will be I love it.

So people I know convinced me I could do quilting so I thought I would try it and make Marcus a quilt for his room since we have been wanting to do redecorate for awhile.

Marcus is into rugby A LOT - ok he is obsessed so we searched and found rugby material in New Zealand - ordered and shipped. I got it and looked at it and said now what?

I got together with Heather and Eryn and they walked me through it. Heather designed it, and then they both helped me pick out the colours to go with the it, then the cutting of the fabric and sewing it together for the front panel and then we started the back and I finished that on my own at home.

I finished it and delivered to Heather so she could have a friend help me out and quilt it on her long arm quilting machine since this was a huge project. A double sized quilt. I could never hand quilt that myself nor could I free quilt it on my small sewing machine EVER! The thought of doing it even on a small scale scares me.

I just got it back the other day delivered by Heather and I am in LOVE with quilting. It turned out fantastic far better than my expectations and Marcus is in heaven about it so far.  Thanks Heather for taking a picture of me and the almost finished product.

I just need to bind it and that may take me awhile since I have no idea how to do that so now it sits as an unfinished project for a bit but that's ok I will figure it out soon.

I am now officially addicted to quilting and all that goes with it. And my basement may never turn into a play area for my dayhome kids (sorry kids)

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